coffee for thought

What is coffee for thought?

Coffee for thought is a practice I started at work a few years ago where, once or twice a month, I gathered the team to watch an interesting, thought-provoking video to then engage in interesting, thought-provoking conversations and ultimately, walk away with:

An inspiring idea
A new learning
A new way to apply something we already knew
A complete different view of the world
And, above all, to walk away experiencing personal and professional growth.

What initially began with only videos for those encounters, has evolved into a full library of tools and resources including: books, podcasts and other references, that have contributed to my own personal and professional growth but also, to the transformation of the Coffee for Thought adventure into a Team Coaching Experience.

“Growth and self-transformation cannot be delegated.” – Lewis Mumford

Coffee for thought as a team coaching experience

I work with teams to help them align around a common purpose, establish an inspiring vision, commit to team accountability, make powerful choices and take affirmative action. The intention is to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, focusing on making sure everyone is working towards the team’s best interest and scalable growth.

Teams from Home Miami, Realtors and The Creative Group, a Robert Half Company, working on action plans during their Coffee for Thought sessions in 2019.

What are we doing?

discussing an interesting, thought-provoking topic or,
watching a powerful, thought-provoking video and,
having powerful, action-inspiring conversations.

Why should we do it?

to learn something new or,
to discover a new way to apply what we already know and,
to get inspired and take forward-moving action in our lives.

What do we need?

coffee (or the refreshment of your choice),
an open mind and,
a desire to grow.

Ready to explore?

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