I’m a Coach and HR professional who partners with emerging leaders to help them design their lives and careers in a way that is meaningful, fulfilling and that truly works for them.

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Schedule a free exploratory coaching session today! During our time together we will be coach and client, and you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to have a coach, and my specific style. This is not intended to be a discussion about coaching. It’s a real coaching session and I want you to walk away with something tangible, in addition to experiencing the process.

brewing results

“My life has completely changed for the better since I started my coaching journey… I had no clue how successful I could be in meeting my goals under the guidance and support of Josybel…”
“…La verdad es que por mi cabeza nunca había pasado trabajar con una coach, pero desde la primera sesión me di cuenta qué tan valioso y beneficioso fue tomar esa decisión… “
“…From improving my self-perception to paying off several credit cards and aligning with my vision of my highest self, Josy’s work empowered me to absolutely reach the next level of my life…”

my ideal client

You want to become a great leader and are committed to your development and growth.

You are smart and driven to accomplish great things. You are a high performer in your organization and you consistently produce great work. You are considered a subject-matter expert and you know how to attain results by your own accord and through others. You are open to learning, failing and growing. You are centered by your values. You unite others and help them see new possibilities. You invest in yourself. You are committed to uncover your biases and embrace social issues. You are an anti-racist and you speak and act in ways that advance diversity, inclusion and equity in the spaces where you operate.

how i can help

1:1 Coaching

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative partnership that inspires clients to maximize their potential, often unlocking previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

Group Coaching

A combination of brainstorming, learning and peer accountability in a group setting to support your personal and professional growth.

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