First coffee, then using google maps to plan an awesome trip

Our winter trip is coming soon and we could not be more excited!

My OCD tendencies led me to find this super useful guide to creating a custom travel map using GoogleMaps.

Here is my summary but first, coffee… well, and these two things:

The following instructions are for desktop/laptop, however, you will be able to access the map from your phone once it is done.

You must be logged in to your Google account.


Click here to create a new map (desktop/laptop)


You can edit the title of your map, add layers to better organize your trip, and customize icons and colors


Start typing the name of the places you want to visit and +Add to map


For our upcoming trip, we decided to organize the map by day and colors. This makes it easy to visualize and (hopefully) will help us keep the trip under control.


Looking forward to NYC and coffee!