First coffee, then growth over comfort

This past week, I went from not wanting to even consider making editable/scripted videos, to appearing in my first Facebook live, creating a YouTube channel, and interviewing my child.

When we avoid situations that make us anxious or afraid, we keep ourselves safe–but we also limit our potential to grow.

Jacqueline Walker wrote: Our comfort zone is the place where we feel knowledgeable, strong, in-charge and safe. Life feels good when we are living it in our “comfort zone.” Stress, anxiety and fear are non-existent; instead, confidence and calm abound.

Still, for all the wonderful sentiments associated with our “comfort zone”, we oftentimes – purposely- choose to wander “to the other side” knowing that we will likely encounter storms and turbulence.

Why? If life is peaceful, safe and warm why turn it upside down? Why venture into unknown territories that may very well bring pain and struggle?

Well, we travel to “the other side” for growth. Often, the rewards of growth will far outweigh the safety of traveling the comfortable road. Read full article here.

Photo by Benjamin Patin on Unsplash

What was the best thing that happened to me yesterday?
Did I discover anything new about myself?
Did I step out of my comfort zone?
Did I work toward my goals?
What can I do better today?

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

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