First coffee, then the perfect combination of intention and action

As I mentioned before, my introduction to the self-help world was through The Secret. It was 2007 and several humans recommended the book to me. I got it, I read it, I obsessed about it.

One of the teachers featured in The Secret, was Lisa Nichols and she definitely made an impact on me at that time.

Then, I went on to discover many other books, teachers, mentors and people, in general, that inspired my ongoing journey of self-love, self-development, growth and abundance.

Recently, I came across the following magical interview with Tom Bilyeu and Lisa Nichols and it connected me to my growth on a deeper level. It’s raw, emotional, real, action-forward. It is a great reminder that setting an intention without taking action will have little to zero impact on improving your life.

After watching it, please do share with me your thoughts about it and, most importantly, what action you can take today that will get you closer to your goals and the kind of life you want to experience.

Tool of the week: Lisa Nichols on Rescuing Yourself, Overcoming Fear, and Finding Success By Serving Others