First coffee, then you are enough

You are ENOUGH. Even if you don’t like coffee.

Which means:

You deserve to be healthy
You deserve to be wealthy
You deserve to be happy*

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

*I define happiness as the ability to be OK with the decisions I make everyday, because they are in alignment with my values and because those decisions are supporting my growth.


Getting up at 5AM vs sleeping in
Working out vs watching TV
Missing my son’s soccer practice because I have an important meeting AND saying no to ‘ladies who brunch’ aka going out with my friends, because I’m not missing soccer 2 days in a row.

Yes. There are difficult-unpopular-people-may-not-like-me-right-now decisions too. Those that don’t feel great in the moment but, ultimately, will allow me to get closer to my goals.

Intentionally designing my life = happiness

Here is an invitation for you:

Set aside an hour to watch the following video, then write down your intentions for 2020…. and I don’t mean your goals in terms of WHAT you want to do but rather, WHO you want to be and HOW you want to show up in life.

“The number one block is the fear of rejection. If I make it I might get rejected. If I find love they might leave. If I make all that money people won’t like me. So you’ve got to smash out of the ballpark the fear of rejection.”

Marisa Peer on Impact Theory
What Everyone Who is Too Self-Critical Needs to Know | Marisa Peer on Impact Theory