First coffee, then opportunity

If you could accomplish only three measurable goals this year, what would they be?
What three daily habits would help you accomplish greater results in the remainder of this year?
What obstacles are hindering your growth plan?

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Tool of the week: Multi-Billionaire Marc Lore on How to Find Your Big Opportunity | Impact Theory.

Founder of both and, and now CEO of Walmart eCommerce, Marc Lore has had a success streak that is astonishing by any standard. Fortunately for everyone else, he is more than happy to share the habits, mindset and traits that have allowed him to become so accomplished. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, serial entrepreneur and multi-billionaire Marc Lore explains how to raise capital when you are just starting out, how to hire and lead employees, and how to make progress towards your goals no matter what you are right now.
Listen here | Watch here