First coffee, then pause and reflect

“We only hear what we are ready to hear. All learning meets us exactly where we are at and as we grow greater, we understand better.” – Robin Sharma, The 5AM Club

Photo by Charl Folscher on Unsplash

Take a moment to review the topics we have explored so far and see if there’s anything you missed, any learning you need to revisit, any action you need to take:

What has been your favorite blog so far?
What do you believe to be the best measurable indicator of your personal growth at this time?
What blogs do you find most helpful in your personal/professional development?
What has been your greatest accomplishment this year?

I would love to hear from you! Share your answers with me via email or schedule time to chat.

Tool of the week: Side Hustle

A friend recommended this book to me and although I have just started reading it, I want to recommend it to you.

“Whether you love your job or can’t stand it, everyone should have more than one source of income. And since you’re the one making decisions, it can also be fun — only, unlike other things you do for fun, this form of entertainment actually brings you more money every month. Having more than one source of income will give you more freedom and options.” Recommended book: Side Hustle, Chris Guillebeau