First coffee, then things

These are the things that came up for me this past week.

A lesson on resilience

There’s no better foundation for success than the ability to bounce back from failure. Watch it here.

A new way to view stress

“Stress makes us stupid, sick and slow…”
“Stress is not the things that happen to you, stress is how you react to them…”
“The ‘old normal’ was an illusion of control, stability, security and safety…”

Emily Fletcher – It’s Time to Reset and Examine What Matters Most | Listen on apple podcast

This clip of one of my favorite comedians of all times. Onward!

Iliza Shlesinger Runs Like A Gazelle | Netflix Is A Joke. Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial Stand-up on Netflix

This truth

“You pitch and promote yourself at the level of your self esteem….” – Felecia Hatcher

The importance of negotiating

What We Get Wrong About Negotiation w/ Alexandra Carter | Watch it here.

Tool of the week: How about you?

Which tools and resources are currently supporting your personal growth? Just send me an email, or add your comment right here. Looking forward to hearing from you!