First coffee, then 2020

Contrary to popular belief, 2020 has been one of my best years yet.

You see, it’s all about focus.

“The world is always distracting, but 2020 has been the epitome of distraction. From politics to the pandemic, lots of things are going on in the world right now and being distracted is hindering your business [and your growth].” – 065 MILLION DOLLAR FOCUS. Rachel Rodgers, Hello 7 podcast

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

When you are intentional about maintaining a laser-focused commitment to your growth, your goals, yourself… well, amazing things happen.

Today, I want to celebrate my 2020 wins. I want to celebrate my commitment to becoming the best version of myself.

2020 wins (so far):

One of my ‘2020 New Year’s Resolutions’ was to do a blog post every week. Still going strong!!
I started my year attending Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour in Fort Lauderdale, FL (the day she interviewed Lady Gaga).
I did the Chaos to clarity Goal Slaying Bootcamp with Felecia Hatcher.
I co-facilitated S.M.A.R.T. Women 2020, a workshop created to empower Latinas entrepreneurs.
Got a new (full-time) job.
Invested in the stock market (this was a good thing, really).
Opened a savings account for my child (because #future).
Opened a biz account (because #growth).
Got life insurance.
Refinanced my home.
Made more smart decisions about money by downsizing my car.
Was invited as a guest to two podcasts.
Assumed the responsibility as a leader, as a mother, as a human being; to have uncomfortable conversations with family, friends, colleagues and clients about racism and the importance of diversity, inclusion and opportunities. I am committed to (continuously) educate myself. It is my responsibility to use whatever platform I have to amplify the voices of Black people. Black lives matter. Here are some resources.
I have signed six individual coaching clients this year (I have space for 1 more), and three coaching groups, including two Masterminds and a Corporate Consulting/Coaching client (which included some pre-pandemic travel overseas #winning).
I did the MYB Coaches Accelerator Program.
I meditated.
I moved my body.
I breathed, intentionally.
I figured out school and work from home.
And I keep learning.
And I keep growing.

November update

I hired a coach.
Got a new CRM for my business.

What are some of your wins this year? Share them here and let’s celebrate together!

I am a woman, afro-latina, wife, mom, leader and coach. What are your superpowers?

Tool of the week: Show Up & Do The Work (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It) with Seth Godin, author of The Practice

“Of Miles Davis’ 50 records, 30 of them were pretty bad.” In this MarieTV, the eminent Seth Godin explains why your work needs a practice, and why that means accepting that not everything you create will be your best. If you want to do work you love, you must choose to love what you do. Seth explains, “It’s so much easier to find meaning in what we do than to go shopping around, hoping we find something that gives us meaning.”