First coffee, then becoming the best version of myself

My purpose is to inspire others to become the best version of themselves by being the best version of myself every day; showing up to work, and to life, fully and authentically.

But what does that mean or, even better, how do you do that?

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Becoming the best version of myself is about defining who I want to be and who I need to become, in order to accomplish the goals I have set for myself.

For example:

What are my values and, are they reflected in my work and life?
Who are my friends and, are they supporting my growth?
What kind of relationships am I fostering?
What kind of work am I doing?
What am I consuming? (eating, drinking, watching, reading, buying, believing…)
How am I showing up for myself every single day?
Am I putting myself first?
Am I asking for help?
Am I embracing opportunities?
Am I living a life that is truly meaningful and fulfilling to me?

…and if not, what’s stopping me?
Mostly fear.
So here is a reminder for me, and for you, if fear is also getting in your way.

Fear is not the enemy. Waiting to stop feeling afraid is. Spending too much time trying to “defeat” or “eliminate” your fear will only keep you stuck. Fear will be your companion as long as you’re alive. It doesn’t matter how much experience, success, or fame you acquire. You will always feel fear. Don’t get seduced into thinking some magical day will arrive when you no longer feel afraid and only then will you be ready to act. That’s not how it works. Action is the antidote to fear. Action metabolizes it. The trick is allowing yourself to feel fear while you take action. (Excerpt from Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo).

Fear is not the enemy. Waiting to stop feeling afraid is.
– Marie Forleo

Listen to the rest of the conversation on The Shadow Sherpa Podcast.

Becoming the best version of myself means embracing the fear that comes with letting go of the version of myself that no longer serves me.

It means to give myself permission to audit my habits, my relationships, my goals… and to allow myself to decide what really works for me now, what gets to stay and what needs to go.

How are you becoming the best version of yourself?

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