First coffee, then nope

This past week someone mentioned Rachel Rodgers during a session of the Mind Your Business Coaches accelerator program I’m doing. It was my first time hearing about her so I proceeded to do some further research.

I found her on one of my favorite podcasts
I listened to the interview
I subscribed to her own podcast and started listening to some episodes
I downloaded one of her free guides
And here I am. Ready to share some of my (powerful) findings with YOU.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

“The women I know tolerate a ton – or multiple fuck tons – of manipulative bullshit. You need to stop letting people dump all over you, whether that’s a boss emailing you at night or a partner who expects you to do all the housework. Are you tolerating being your husband’s housekeeper? Your kid’s servant? Your boss’s bitch? Your client’s therapist? This is a crucial lesson to learn because in my experience, most of us tolerate a lot of unnecessary crap. And the more we tolerate, the less money we make. The BEST way to teach people how to treat you lies in your ability to have hard conversations, also known as confrontation.” – Rachel Rodgers


NO is a powerful word. It’s scary to say no. it’s terrifying to think about the consequences and impact of our NOs. However, until we are able to say NO to what does not serve us, we cannot say YES to the best version of ourselves, in any and all aspects of our lives: relationships, lifestyle, health, fitness, finances, business, career, leadership, self.

Photo by takwa abdo on Unsplash

Give yourself a moment to check in with yourself and set an intention for the day.
For example: Today I’m in complete alignment with myself, with my values and with what’s important to me.
Notice how you feel.

What’s on your to-do list for today?
Are those things getting you closer to your goals?
How are you refueling your energy?
How are you showing up?

Tool of the week: Million Dollar Productivity by Rachel Rodgers

Listen in to this episode as I share why editing is my go-to tool for protecting my time and enjoying my life. I talk about the concept of designing your life and setting boundaries around your time so you can focus on the things that are truly important to you. And I’ll walk you through my three-step process for figuring out what you want to do and dropping the rest.