First coffee, then taking life to the next level

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, is a book I’ve referenced before in my blogs (see First coffee, then adjusting your thermostat).

Hendricks talks about conquering your hidden fears and taking life to the next level, from wherever you are right now.

To make this big leap, we have to identify how we are upper-limiting ourselves and preventing our own success in wealth, work, and love.

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One of the typical ways we upper-limit ourselves is worry, says Gay Hendricks in the book.

Worrying is usually a sign that we’re not thinking about something useful. Hendricks explains that the crucial sign that we’re worrying unnecessarily is when we’re worrying about something we have no control over.

There’s a good way to know if a worry-thought is something you should pay attention to. Just ask yourself, says the author:

Is it a real possibility? And…
Is there any action I can take right now to make a positive difference?

In the book, Hendricks shares the following daily practice to stop our worry-thoughts and use them as springboards into our Zone of Genius.

#1 – I notice myself worrying about something.
#2 – I let go of the worry-thoughts, shifting my focus away from them.
#3 – I wonder: what positive new thing is trying to come into being?
#4 – I usually get a body feeling (not a thought or idea) of where that positive new thing is trying to come through.
#5 – I open my focus to feel that body feeling deeply.
#6 – I let myself feel it deeply for as long a I possibly can.
#7 – Later, I often get an idea of the positive thing that was trying to come through.

Another way of upper-limiting ourselves is by getting sick or hurt. Gay Hendricks goes on to describe:

When things are going well, some of us have a pattern that is pure upper limit problem: we get sick or get hurt. To find out whether some of your ills or accidents are due to this, take a moment to think back over times when you’ve gotten sick or gotten hurt in an accident of any kind… Did it happen during, or just after a big win in business or a period of good times in a relationship?

Not all illness or accidents are upper limit symptoms, of course. However, if you are keenly interested in taking your big leap, you will want to examine everything that brings you pain and suffering as a potential upper limit symptom. You may find that you can be a lot healthier than you ever imagined.

There are a lot more hidden barriers and fears described in the book and, if you haven’t done so, I will recommend adding the  The Big Leap  to your reading list asap.

The author ends the book with a wish for the reader: “A life journey blessed with many such moments of discovery. Going forward on your path, may your every day be filled with much practical magic and many everyday miracles. May you transcend each and every one of your upper limits, and long may you glide the high currents of love, abundance, and creative contribution.”

Tool of the week: The Big Leap

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