This is 2021

One of my ‘2020 New Year’s Resolutions’ was to do a blog post every week. I did it! 52 blog posts were published here.

For 2021, my purpose is to keep showing up to work and to life, fully and authentically. To keep inspiring people to become the best version of themselves by becoming the best and most powerful version of myself.

Becoming the best version of myself means embracing the fear that comes with letting go of the version of me that no longer serves me. It means to give myself permission to audit my habits, my relationships, my goals… and to allow myself to decide what really works for me now, what gets to stay, and what needs to go.

This year I won’t be publishing a blog every single week, however; you will receive an email from me every Monday, if you are subscribed to my newsletter.

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“I am a coach who partners with emerging leaders, so they can become the best version of themselves and show up fully and authentically.”

—Josybel Martinez

let’s work together

I love connecting with people, supporting people and most importantly, partnering with people as they navigate opportunities and challenges. Every single person has the ability to create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to them because all human beings are creative, resourceful and whole.

I would love to catch up with you and explore if there are any opportunities for us to work together in 2021 or, if there’s anyone you would like to recommend.

Below is my scheduling tool for availability, feel free to pick any time that works for you. You can schedule a free exploratory coaching session, however; if you are not quite ready for a coaching session, we can just chat over a 30-min Virtual Coffee.

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