First coffee, then working on my happiness like a full-time job

Every Sunday I prepare for the week ahead. I check my schedule and make sure I have confirmed everything that's booked. I send emails that need to be sent. I make phone calls that need to be made. This week though, as I prepared for Monday morning, something was new and different. I'm starting a new job.

First coffee, then developing a high performance mindset

The tool of this week is a truly transformational video that, by the way, is 49:49 minutes long. Only half of you are going to click on it, and an even smaller percentage is going to watch it. And that’s ok. Success is not for everyone. Success is very simple yet, it requires a lot of work and that feels foreign to most people.

Programa de coaching a través de Mastermind

¿Qué necesitas para alcanzar tu próximo nivel de crecimiento personal y/o profesional? Photo by Alexa Williams on Unsplash Todo el mundo habla de lo que quiere lograr, pero muy pocas personas hacen algo al respecto. ¡Mi trabajo como coach es apoyar a las y los clientes a descubrir … Continue reading Programa de coaching a través de Mastermind