First coffee, then bitten by a dog

Distracted by my thoughts (and the phone) and definitely feeling the stress, I walked by a family that was also enjoying their morning walk. The woman is pushing a stroller, kid seems to be sleeping; the man has the dog on a leash. Did not think much of it, we see this all the time.

First coffee, then becoming the best version of myself

My purpose is to inspire others to become the best version of themselves by being the best version of myself every day; showing up to work, and to life, fully and authentically. But what does that mean or, even better, how do you do that?

First coffee, then nope

NO is a powerful word. It’s scary to say no. it’s terrifying to think about the consequences and impact of our NOs. However, until we are able to say NO to what does not serve us, we cannot say YES to the best version of ourselves, in any and all aspects of our lives: relationships, lifestyle, health, fitness, finances, business, career, leadership, self.

First coffee, then funding my dream

Almost eight months in and I'm still very much excited to log into work every day while also working on (and funding) my dream. I get to support individuals to become the best version of themselves both at my current job, as well as working with individual clients. To do this, I have managed to structure a schedule that works for me, so I can integrate the different parts of my life while protecting my boundaries, my energy and my financial stability... and I am so happy to be able to help others do the same.

First coffee, then coaching does not work

Coaching is not therapy. It is not mentoring. It is not consulting. It is not the coach giving "advice" to the client. It is not the coach being an expert in an industry or area and offering that expertise to the client. It is not the coach determining the client’s direction and choices for them. It is not a hierarchical relationship.